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Routes and timetables


Routes and timetables

S.Pedro Visma,igrexa(130)

Durmideiras, mercado(151)
3A 5

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Departure times are approximate. They can experience variations due to traffic conditions

Linea San Pedro de Visma-Durmideiras (3)

This bus starts from San Pedro de Visma and goes through the schools area (the Music Conservatory, Open University, the distance-learning secondary school, Language School, Sailing School etc) and then goes past Riazor Stadium, where Deportivo play their home games, the Plaza de Pontevedra and Puerta Real. You can also keep going towards the Old City and see the Castillo de San Antón, the old military buildings, the University Administration Building and then go down to the Promenade and enjoy beautiful views of the Tower of Hercules, the beaches and the coastline, the Aquarium and the Domus (Museum of Mankind).