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Fares and passes


Fares and passes

  • Type of Fare Price
  • Ordinary fare 1,20 €
  • General pass 0,75 €
  • Schoolchild 0,23 €
  • University student 0,30 €
  • University student 2 0,50 €
  • Unemployed 0,23 €
  • Retired people/Pensioners 0,23 €
  • Disabled 0,23 €
  • Under 13 years old 0,00 €
  • Monthly PMUS fare max. 33,00 €
  • Monthly social PMUS fare max. 16,10 €
  • Transfer with bus pass (Máx. 45′) 0,00 €

Max. transfer time 45 min. Transfers are only allowed when using bus passes. Children under 4 years exempt from paying the fare. Under 13 must adapt the profile of their Millennium card, in force id document could be required to verify the age. More information about PMUS fare.

The Millennium card

The Coruña Millennium Card lets pay on city buses in A Coruña with no need for ready cash – it is also fast and simple as you do not have to put the card in a reader.

Benefits With the Coruña Millennium card you will enjoy significant discounts when paying your fare.

How does it work? You pay your fare with the money that you have in the electronic purse. Check the “How do I top up my card?” section for more information about how to top it up.

When you get on the bus, simply take the card in your hand and hold it on the reader where you can see the image of the card – the reader will beep when you have paid your fare.

Once you have paid, your remaining credit will be shown on the reader screen and a green light turns on. If there is a problem (for example, if you withdraw the card before the operation is complete or if you do not have sufficient credit) a red light will turn on. Don’t forget that you can transfer from one bus to another in a maximum time of 45 minutes.

How can I get one? To get your Millennium card please follow the instructions on the web site: